Visual Merchandising

This time I will tell you a little about Visual Merchandising. Have you heard about it before?

Well, VM encompasses a very broad and surprising marketing concept. This concept responds to a marketing tool where strategic work is present. A VM works within the shop window and shop floor.

Traditionally, this technique has been applied and is applied in the retail field in order to achieve a better meeting with people who may be interested in the products and services of a certain brand.

The Visual Merchandising is in charge of showing the presentation of the products at a point of sale to maximize the attention and attraction of the client, whilst keeping to the brand style.

For this they use different tools and methodologies which range from spaces, color, lighting, screens, technology, everything necessary to capture the interest of the public.

To fully understand what the VM is, you must have three main arguments:

1. Get attention

2. Provoke desire, attraction

3. Create visibility

In one way or another, we see more and more frequently how marketing, creativity and design are put at the service of sales environments where visual merchandising appears to take part in consumer decisions.

Here are some tips to meet the client:

Identify what type of visual is going to work, it must be consistent and go hand in hand with the brand concept.

You must have a planning to put together a sales strategy, example: if summer is coming, the priority is to wear summer clothes.

We don't always have physical shops today, but you can add this concept to your virtual space too and make sure you are on brand when it comes to website presentation and social media.

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