Today I bring you a really interesting subject but also, pretty polemic which is the recycled polyester.

In an article in Première Vision, which I will leave the link for you to read if you are interested, the author tells us about whether recycled polyester is a sustainable solution, to get into the subject, polyester is a synthetic resin made by man from of raw materials derived from petroleum, and is closely related to environmental pollution since in each washing polyester releases plastic microparticles that end up in the oceans and have an estimated lifetime.

A piece cannot be created solely with recycled polyester, since it must be mixed with virgin polyester to give it strength and quality. Which leaves us with the question: are we really recycling?

The best thing we can do is use organic fabrics and avoid the use of polyester, or only use it only when it is essential. If you are working on a swimwear brand there is not many options and recycled polyester is a more sustainable material to use than the traditional polyester.

Let me know what you think about this topic and if you share the same opinion of using it sparsely, here below I will leave you the link to the Premiere Vision article for more information on the subject.

Prémiere Vision Article

Finally, for entrepreneurs who are making their garments, I recommend only using polyester if strictly necessary as in swimwear, there are other alternatives to organic fabrics such as: linen, silk, wool, among others, which are fabrics of natural origin, I hope this information has served you!

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