The American company has partnered with the country's Soil Health Institute to launch a sustainable cultivation program with the goal of introducing more innovative practices in the agricultural industry and reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Ralph Lauren is committed to sustainable cotton. The American company launches the Regenerative Cotton Program, an initiative promoted by the Soil Health Institute to promote the more sustainable cultivation of cotton in the United States, and to which it will donate a scholarship of five million dollars!

The intention of the program is to reduce the equivalent of one million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2026, according to the company in a statement. Specifically, some of the objectives of the initiative are to increase the quality of the soil, develop the cotton agricultural industry in the United States and "reduce the effects of climate change", in the words of Cristine Morgan, director of science at Soil Health Institute and leader from the Regenerative Cotton Fund.

This news is incredible! It is a big step for the fashion industry, as it prompts the most recognized designers to join in creating sustainable garments as well!

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