Today I bring you an exciting and very important topic to promote sustainable fashion.

The Fashion Revolution is a global movement with a collective vision for a fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.

This movement was born in response to the tragedy that occurred in Bangladesh on April 24, 2013, when a building in Rana Plaza collapsed, 1,138 people died and another 2,500 were injured, becoming the fourth-largest industrial disaster in history.

This incident drew public attention to the appalling conditions in which industry employees live and raised questions about the transparency of the global garment industry.

The mainstream fashion industry is built upon a system that unfortunately now exploit labor and natural resources. Transparency is the first step to transforming the industry; we need to shift the relationships between brands and suppliers so that the rights of people and the rights of nature hold more of the power wherever decisions are made. Likewise, the scrutiny is part of the accountability that means the change of the fashion path.

The movement prompts people to post photos of their garment labels on social media and ask brands, retailers, and manufacturers: #whomademyclothes? The goal is to promote sustainable and ethical fashion practices, encourage transparency and celebrate fashion as a positive influence in the lives of consumers, but also those who create it.

The following steps can help make the Fashion Revolution movement manifesto a reality:

– Buy “green”: Look for brands that have responsible manufacturing and sourcing processes.

Support the “slow fashion” movement – sustainable fashion: by buying more durable products, we can reduce the negative impact that the fashion industry's production has on the planet.

– Stay informed: of the contracting policies of the manufacturers of the products, you are buying.

It is important to be able to make as many people as possible aware of being able to buy or manufacture garments that are responsible.

For entrepreneurs, I recommend creating responsibly and starting change, since it is everyone's job to take care of and improve this industry. You can also join Fashion Revolution and show your customers you are part of this movement by using the 'whomademyclothes' templates in photos of your makers.

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