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Première Vision, the fair for fabric garments, offers an overview of what is available in terms of “low-impact finishes”, which leaves us with the following question: what do they mean? Well, in these times, fashion seeks to reduce the pollution produced by fast fashion, which leads us to explore alternatives that have a favorable environmental impact. That is why there are different types of denim finishes, which are the following:

-Laser treatment: uses heat to replace the chemical products typically used in the washing of denim.

-Ozone: An ozone finish combines organic enzymes with nitrogen powder. This natural gas offers oxidizing properties that can be used for washing denim

-Bio Enzymes: One of the properties of bio-enzymes is that they attack various molecules within the denim. The most elaborate innovations eliminate the need for the pumice stage of the washing process while still producing “stonewash” looks that are identical to classic techniques.

-Soft oxidants: Soft oxidizers are used to replace traditional chemicals such as chlorine or potassium permanganate with alternatives that are more environmentally friendly and less harmful to humans.

-Waterless finishes: Nanotechnology is interesting mainly because it replaces water with air. The products penetrate directly into the fibers as they are transferred by nano-bubbles via a flow of damp air, without the need to consume water.

-Eco-stones: The stone-wash method generally gives the denim a patina. Pumice stones are placed in the drums of washing baths to randomly lighten the fabric and give it an authentic look by deteriorating the fiber. The Eco-stones are a more ecological alternative, notably because they are very strong and durable.

If you want to start your business as an eco-friend, you can guide yourself in many ways when creating your own designs that have a favourable environmental impact.

I hope these tips will be very useful to you!

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