Working with colours

Colours communicate and reflect our personality, but we have to be honest that sometimes we find it difficult to make the look good, and believe me, it happens to all of us. With these tips, you can dare creating more original looks!

We then start with the analogous colours, they are the ones that are found next to each other in the chromatic circle as they convey a sense of harmony.

Then you have the complementary colours which are the ones that are in front of each other in the circle. Its function is the contrast of the tone, they impact the eye and attract attention.

And finally, there are monochromatic colours, which are made up of shades of a single base colour. Its function is to combine several colours in a simple way.

When you design a collection, make sure you consider the colour wheel if you get stuck with colours and look at which once work together, either by complementing or contrasting.

What did you think of these tips? With this valuable information, you can put together any look you want in your designs, don't be afraid to take a chance, go out and combine colors!

A tip for entrepreneurs

For the construction of a brand, it is important that you dare to combine colours and experiment with each one of them, so you can determine which colour can represent your brand being faithful to its DNA or your style. This goes for both your company branding and your design collections.

Want more fashion colour inspiration, download our pdf on colours here!

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