How many of you consider black your favourite colour? How many people dress in this colour?

Well, with black it varies its meaning depending on who you ask, since it can represent mourning, and sophistication, but in turn, the color black is also associated with negative images, fear, or fascination. Black represents individuality. Did you know that? That is why we love to use this color because we can adapt it to our style.

To start with, to know how this color affects us in our lives it is necessary to know its origin. I will be brief so as not to bore you with stories, but it all this goes back to ancient Greece and Rome where black was used for mourning. Also in the Middle ages, black was a colour that represented poverty since people with fewer resources used to dress in this color as it used to hide the dirt on their clothes.

At the end of the Middle Ages black becomes a symbol of sophistication, power, and wealth. By the 16th century, the rise of black clothing began, thus giving way to becoming a colour that everyone could wear, particular with a religious and solemn character.

Today the colour black has a timeless character, it transcends fashion since it has different meanings as explained above, it is an independent colour
of fashion and its main colour at the same time. Don't you find it fascinating?

Black clothing has an undeniable power, its singular darkness has a unique visual power and its adaptability makes it the subject of different interpretations: seriousness, fear, modernity, elegance, and eroticism. These qualities have given black a distinctive position in the world of fashion.

Tip for entrepreneurs
Black as we know is a colour for any occasion as it can be interpreted in many ways. As a brand it is important to build an image with which your customers feel identified, which is why black seduces with its elegance and simplicity, it can be a great base colour when making a collection
or a complementary colour to it. This will all depend on the value of your brand. Is your customer a colourful happy mum or a sophisticated business woman, use black accordingly in your collections or eliminate it if needed.

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